There are so many people snagging amazing shots of eagles in the area. I would like to have a place for them all to provide links, slideshows, images of what they capture. Keep in mind that these are not images of Liberty and Justice, but eagles are amazing and we need to celebrate them all. I see many images, but not all the students have access. Please consider [[#|uploading]] your websites, [[#|photos]], etc.

Screen Shot 2014-02-17 at 9.24.30 AM.png
Phil Pancrazio - Please check out his other photos as he takes pictures of everything.!i=3067198049&k=fgRHb2G

Eagles Lock Dam 14 - Phil's Photos (philsphotosqc)
Phil Pancrazio is an friend of mine and also works at one of the schools here in the QC area. He posted some photos the other day on Facebook and was nice enough to let me share them here. Here is a full set of photos are here.

Eagles often fight over the fish they catch. Harder than catching the fish is actually getting it someplace to eat especially in the winter when so many have migrated from the north to feed at the local dams in our area.

Gloria Keeslar

Please check out her other pictures. She has some really amazing pictures that she has captured.
I will add a link to many more photos taken in and around the Quad Cities in the last several month; over on the side. If you have any questions please feel free to ask. We are so very fortunate to have so many eagles here to enjoy and of course the Alcoa Pair for a front row seat to an eagles nest.